iPhone Sketches

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The Issue of Poverty and Class Division for The Wall Street Journal

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Rabat, Morocco

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ESPN Portrait Shoot

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I was lucky enough to spend some time photographing Cameron Greenwood the other day for ESPN. Cameron, 14, was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer just two years ago and underwent 10 hours of surgery to remove one third of his pelvis. Thankfully, he has somehow managed to beat the odds and make a full recovery. Despite not being able to run like he used to, Cameron is actually back playing sports and is an incredibly strong willed young man. He is an inspiration and truly a lot of fun to be around. You can read the article HERE.

Presenting Work: May 24th in NYC

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I am very much looking forward to presenting work from my project Beyond the Dark, Thursday, May 24th for Open Show NYC at the Bronx Documentary Center. It is an honor to share the night with the outstanding photographers, Katrin BjorkViviana PerettiSimon Biswas, and Ben Lowy. The event is open to the public so please come out and join us.

Work from Morocco Coming Soon…

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Check back in soon for new work from my recent trip to Morocco for a documentary project about Autism.

Aerospace in Morocco for the WSJ

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I have fallen quite a bit behind on my posts as of late but I am fired up to get back at it. I just got back to the states from working on a personal documentary project about autism in Morocco with Brendan Hart, an amazing anthropologist and a great friend. While I was there I was able to shoot a side story on the aerospace industry in Morocco for the Wall Street Journal which can be found here. I was pleased to see they also ran a slideshow of some of those images and that can be seen here. Below are some of the frames I made for that piece and I will be posting some of the new work from the autism project in the coming weeks.

Little League World Series for the Star Ledger

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Paramus’ run ends in regional final with 5-2 loss to Pennsylvania–find the article here.

Nine hour rain delay equals a long day.

Really hope this kid was wearing a cup.

Good To Be Back

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It’s been a little while since our last blog post because Jesse was pursuing projects in Australia, Indonesia and Hong Kong in the beginning of the summer. We’re excited to get caught up and back on track updating the blog with new work!

A preview image from Jesse’s work in Hong Kong. More to come…

Recent Profiles for the WSJ and NYT

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Some of the images from Jesse’s WSJ profile of the Hub in the South Bronx, published today in the Greater N.Y. section.

An image for the New York Times’ architectural profile of a Rowayton, CT house.